What you need for your
home, made to measure.

From tablecloths to upholstery, we offer a wide
service with the Ribes & Casals guarantee.

Manufacture of made-to-measure home clothes

At Ribes & Casals we can tailor your curtains, curtains, blinds, tablecloths, cushions, covers and any other accessory to decorate your home. We also have technical curtains. Consult in our stores, there you can request a preparation budget. A few days later you will be able to pick up your garment already made.

In our clothing department we offer tailor-made jobs. With this service we will help you to give a more personalized style to your home or establishment. We make all kinds of tailor-made confections, from tablecloths for restaurants, bedding, curtains, blinds, roller blinds with technical fabrics or any other product you need.

In our upholstery department we can offer you both interior and exterior fabrics. In our store there is a wide variety of fabrics, plain and printed for upholstery, in a wide range of fabrics, such as velvet, leatherette, alcantara, canvas, canvas, and many others.

All our stores have a department specialized in custom home textiles.

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Ribes & Casals makes your tablecloth, napkins, placemats, tablecloth covers, table protectors, rubber or duffel bags to measure. Adjust to the exact dimensions of your dining room, kitchen or terrace table. For the convenience of your guests, complete the trousseau with sets of napkins of various sizes, depending on the event to be celebrated. Offer meals, snacks, cocktails, and snacks with the most appropriate napkin size for each case.

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Curtains and curtains

Make in Ribes & Casals your curtains, curtains and tendines tailored to the doors and windows of your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or terrace. In the haberdashery section of your store you can buy gathering tape, metal hooks, tape with eyelets and any other accessory you need for your bar or rail.

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Blinds and others

Modernize the look and functionally improve your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or terrace. Consult in our stores the advantages and benefits of the technical curtains currently available: decorative, blackout or a combination of both. Request technical fabric samples for your blinds, roller shutters or panels, decide whether to opt for the pleated, folding, vertical variety, etc. Adjust any of the options you decide to to the exact dimensions of your door or window.

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Do not give up non-standard bed measurements or be a slave to ready-made bedding of origin. Dress your bed with the fabric you like best, gain comfort and convenience. If your mattress has special lengths or widths, Ribes & Casals will tailor your sheets, bedspreads, duvets and pillowcases for you. Visit our stores and choose from the most complete range of patterns, colors and genres on the market, we take care of finishing your order by making the garment for you. Enjoy shades and patterns to match your bedroom décor. Customize your bedding, we can embroider your initials.

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Cushions and upholstery

Renovating your home often doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. We propose you a simple idea, change the appearance or the size of the cushions in your living room or bedrooms. Live at home next spring, summer, fall or winter in a different way. Visit our stores, choose new fabrics and have your cushions made right there. You can make them to the measure of the ones you already have or make others of a different size. We can also make covers for your furniture, pictures, chairs or sofas.

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Enjoy towel sets of various sizes for maximum comfort in the home bathroom. All with the same pattern or plain with the same color and in combination with the shades of your bathroom. Do not forget the sports activities of the family members: schools, gyms, beach, yoga, etc … Let us also make the cloths for your kitchen.

What you want for your home
with the fabric you want.

Special services

We take measurements at home

In many cases our clients are not clear about the measurements of their curtains, the size of the windows they want to cover, or even have doubts about what space they should cover. For these cases, we propose the visit of an expert from Ribes Y Casals who will take the measures so that everything goes perfectly.

Ship installations and works

The fabrics used in the boats are constantly attacked by inclement weather, the sun, the saltpeter, the sea, etc., so it is important that they are resistant and have special characteristics. At Ribes & Casals you will find a very careful selection of nautical fabrics, such as nautical leathers, nautical canvases, curls, towels, etc.

Ribes & Casals has three stores near important ports, which are the ports of Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga, so it is an expert in clothing for boats. These confections always have to be made to measure since each boat is unique.

We do home installations

Installing curtains is not difficult, but it is always recommended that an expert do it. That is why we have a service of installers who will come to your home to install your curtains, blinds, Japanese panels, etc. It will be the same person who will have taken the measurements at his home (in the event that he has requested that service).

Where we are?

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