Our Values

Job Security: Ribes & Casals is a fabric company with more than 150 workers, More than 95% of these workers have indefinite contracts, and have been working for the company an average of 20-25 years, so we can confirm that Ribes & casals is a company compromised with the job security of its workers, and at the same time its workers are compromised with the future of the company.
Every year several workers retire after working around 50 years in the company.
We serve to our customers, trying to give them the best service and product, without them this would not be possible.

We train our workers, during their first period in the company they do their apprenticeship, then they learn the different fabrics, who to cut, fold, customer relations, etc, making good professionals to assure the best service to our customers.
We select our suppliers, we know about them so that way we can assure they meet the social rights.
Social Commitment: we collaborate with various organizations that help disadvantaged people, helping economically and materially contributing with fabrics.
We encourage couture is creativity, craft, thrift, and above all very exciting.